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Sculpture - There Are Monsters Here

UCA Canterbury


Calico, Kapok stuffing
100cm x 20cm

Calico, plaster, wire
75cm x 65cm

Soap Face
Calico, soap, wire, glass,
75cm x 65cm

Bird Daughter
Steel, Wood, calico, soap, dress-making pins, glass
150cm x 75cm

Bird Beings 4
Clay, silicon, acrylic dye, wire
30cm x 15 cm

Monster (hanging)
Calico, Wire, reflective card, fake fur
175cm x 75cm

The three-dimensional pieces in the installation 'Here Is Where The Monsters Are' make up a dynamic collection of beings that creep out of corners or stride across floors. They aim to nudge viewers out of a passive voyeuristic experience into a more active position where things could change at any moment.

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