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I am Marianne Grove, a visual artist who works both sculpturally and as a painter. 

I gather the pieces I make together as fragments of ideas around which the viewer can form a narrative. In the playful commune between sculptural and painted installation I hope to ignite a collective consciousness where the space between public and private is undefined. The viewer can walk between to form their own connections between themselves and the pieces. Theatrical tableau plays a strong role in how they are placed to create a visual language that trifles with possibilities and is always open for change.


The scenarios in my paintings are often baffling and unsettling, carrying an unremitting psychological charge. Close to Surrealism, Art Brut, Dada and folklore in spirit, much in my work remains left unsaid, making it all the more disturbing, even grotesque at times. Using props and mannequins as well as life models to construct my paintings, the figures often migrate both into the paintings themselves and as real sculptural elements.

The making is experimental. None of it is truly intentional, the materials often controlling the initial idea and opening up methodology for the next.


As well as being a visual artist I have worked in Circus/Theatre for 35 years and run Circo Rum Ba Ba, an all women troupe that perform physical and spectacular narrative shows at free to the public events throughout the year.

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